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    3-6片裝CD盒<br>CD CASE for 3-6pcs<br>

    CD CASE for 3-6pcs


    產品代號: HWS-03、04、05、06K
    產品名稱: 3-6片裝CD盒
    產品描述: 3-6片裝CD盒內含盤子
    產品顏色: 透明上蓋 + 黑色、白色、透明盤子
    產品材質: 聚苯乙烯塑膠粒
    產品尺寸: 142.3mm x 124.7mm x 24.2mm
    產品包裝: 40pcs/4.5kg/5.5kg/0.75'
    Product No.: HWS-03、04、05、06K
    Product Name: CD CASE for 3-6pcs
    Product Description: CD CASE for 3-6pcs with tray
    Color: Transparent cover with black or white or transparent tray. 
    Material: Plastic PS 
    Product Size : 142.3mm x 124.7mm x 24.2mm
    Product Packing: 40pcs/4.5kg/5.5kg/0.75'